Back in 2012, two guys by the name of Denzell Washington and myself, Marcus Schoultz, came up with the idea of starting a sneaker forum on Facebook called True to Your S.O.L.E. The forum came about because of our love and passion for sneakers. Our vision was to take sneakers and bring together the younger and older generations to help shed positive light on education and the importance of life. We thought that the idea to start a sneaker forum would be a good approach for the sneaker community in which all the members could come together and have a discussion on a topic that we all love, "Sneakers." Since starting, the forum has been successful. Not only did Denzell and I want to just focus on a forum, we also wanted to give back to the community. With the help of DeAndre Schoultz, close friends, and family members we have been able to use the money made from our clothing line and other fundraisers to have a community outreach program. The program consists of speaking to youth groups and teams, back to school drives, food bank drive, and other community service events. 

Every year since starting the forum, we have held a Back to School Drive. The Back to School Drive is held the 3rd weekend of August before the kids are headed back to school to help assist under privileged kids in the Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA area with things that may be needed before the upcoming school year. Every year, keynote speakers come out and speak to the kids about positivity in and around the community. Food is served and games are provided to keep the kids entertained. This event ties into the forum, because a lot of the members help to donate school supplies as well as sneakers to give to the kids. The passion that we have for kicks not only revolves around shoes, but mainly to bless kids in a time of need. 


In 2012, we began our journey and had True To Your S.O.L.E. First Annual Back To School Drive. We teamed up with Pretty Fly Society, Addicted To Fresh Clothing, and others to donate over 100 pairs of shoes to children in the Charleston, SC area. True To Your Sole annual back to school drives donates over 100+ book bags, 60+ sneakers, bundles of school supplies, free TTYS gear, and free food. We thrive upon giving back to the community to show our love and appreciation for our future leaders of America. Another future goal with our back to school drive is to not only bless kids in our local area but bless kids across the world. We continued to progress on with True To Your S.O.L.E. with having the opportunity to be featured inside of Pretty Fly Society Magazine. This opportunity opened up doors for us that allowed the Charleston Area to learn more about True To Your S.O.L.E. We also have been across the southeast coast sharing the passion and knowledge about True To Your S.O.L.E. through sneaker conventions. We have since grown to over 3,000 members on our True To Your S.O.L.E forum page on Facebook. 

In 2018, we were blessed to team up with VANS company to sponsor our back to school drive. VANs donated over 250 pair of sneakers to our annual event. We are thrilled for VANS generous contributions and we look forward to our 8th annual back to school drive.


True To Your S.O.L.E. sneaker forum is a forum where members can discuss the daily news of sneakers and fashion. True To Your S.O.L.E. brings the sneaker enthusiast ‘s together and gives everyone the opportunity to spread knowledge about sneakers, fashion, sports, and life. True To Your S.O.L.E. also offers a Soles Shop where members are allowed to sell their sneakers. With the help of our True To Your S.O.L.E. administrators, who control the site daily, we have since grown to over 3,000 members and hope to surpass that in the time to come. Our long-term goal with our sneaker forum, is to open up a sneaker store to give kids a chance to have a job that will teach them the basis of young adulthood. Another goal is to take our sneaker forum and be able to speak at keynote events to inspire kids about a goal or dream that they want to achieve but may feel like they can’t. We want to tell someone our story and tell them that “You can follow your dream through your hard work and dedication.” Listed below are the name of the administrators. If you want to be added to the True To Your S.O.L.E forum page on Facebook, contact one of the names below and they will be glad to add you.


Michael Ocampo

A.J. Harley

Lydell Simmons

Adam Inabinet

Allreadystanlei Allreadystanlei

Diallo Dickerson

K-shard Fields

Tim Rickett

Bsjonez Bsjonez

David Pagan


Our goals for True To Your S.O.L.E. each year is to provide the best and user friendly sneaker forum to-date. We also strive on bringing the community together through sneakers, in which this year for our 6th Annual Back to School Drive. True To Your S.O.L.E. will reward one lucky participant the "The Schoultz and Wiley Ambition Scholarship". We hope that this scholarship will be used to help a student further their education. 


Morgan Lewis - Event coordinator.

DeAndre Schoultz - Head of media relations and head designer.

Cherise Trowell - Head Publicist and event coordinator. 


We have teamed up with great leaders, organizations, individuals and companies that have helped us reach many milestones and goals we have set out for True To Your S.O.L.E. We sincerely thank each and every one of you that have contributed. May God Bless you.