Our Future Generations

Back To School Drive


Back in 2012, two guys by the name of Denzell Washington and myself, Marcus Schoultz, came up with the idea of starting a sneaker forum on Facebook called True to Your SOLE. The forum came about because of our love and passion for sneakers. Our vision was to take sneakers and bring together the younger and older generations and shed positive light on life and education and importance of life. We dedicate our time to reach out and go speak with kids in the community and show them the positive things of life. We thought that the idea to start a sneaker forum would be a good approach for the sneaker community in which all the members could come together and have a discussion on a topic that we all love, sneakers.

Since starting, the forum has been a success. Not only did Denzel and I want to just focus on a forum, we also wanted to give back to the community. Every year since starting the forum, we have held a Back to School Drive. The Back to School Drive is held every year before the kids are headed back to school to help assist under privileged kids in the Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA area with things they may need before the upcoming school year. Every year, keynote speakers come out and speak to the kids about positivity in and around the community. Food is served and games are provided, along with a dance contest to keep the kids entertained. At the event each child will receive a bookbag that is full with a (2 notebooks, a pack of paper, and 2 pencils). Although we can’t fulfill and bless each child with a pair of shoes we are fortunate to be able to bless each child with a bookbag. The keynote speakers that have spoke have been Troy Williamson (Former NFL Player), DeAngelo Byrant (Former College Football Player), Jowan Gray (Former College Baseball Player), Carl White (High School Principal), and Josh Stallings (youth mentor). Along with the kids receiving a prize with reward at least 3 parents with a gift basket to show our appreciation to them. This event ties into the forum, because a lot of the members help to donate school supplies as well as sneakers to give to the kids. The passion that we have for kicks not only revolves around shoes, but to bless kids in a time of need and help the unfortunate kids.