Submitting Scholarship Application

The Schoultz, Wiley, Washington Ambition Scholarship


August 21, 2020


$250 Nonrenewable Scholarship


Everyone has dreams and goals. If you want your dreams and goals to become a reality, you must take the initiative and move towards them. Some people attempt to attain their goals without taking much action while others may go above and beyond to achieve them. The founders of True To Your S.O.L.E. had a dream of starting a sneaker forum and acted upon it. True To Your S.O.L.E want to honor Elizabeth Wiley and Marie Schoultz Swann with the Schoultz, Wiley, Washington Scholarship to an outstanding individual who is taking the initiative to achieve their dreams and goals.

Applications for this scholarship must be made as follows. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered:
To apply, email: If there are any questions or concerns you can contact Cherise Trowell at 803-646-7469.